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The history of prizes for contributions to progress in Condensed Matter Nuclear Science stretches back to at least 1993.  In that year the Italian automotive group Fiat instituted the "Truffle Prizes" and these were awarded at the first four Asti Workshops in Piedmont.  For those who are not gourmets, the truffle is an underground fungus which grows on the roots of oak trees in certain climates including the alpine foothills surrounding the Italian city of Asti.  It is a highly valued addition to many recipes such as the ubiquitous pasta.  Like many exotic and rare delicacies, appreciation of the truffle is an acquired taste!  This taste is not always appreciated, so in 1999 it was proposed to replace it with a more tangible and longer lasting token of excellence and esteem.  In 2003 a series of silver medals were minted to commemorate the late Italian physicist Giuliano Preparata who passed away in April 2000. The cost of the Giuliano Preparata medals was generously covered by the  Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Asti

In 2008 thanks to generous donations, ISCMNS minted the Minoru Toyoda Gold Medal in 94 g of 18 carat gold.

Minoru Toyoda Gold Medal

Signora Emilia Campochiaro Preparata presented the first Minoru Toyoda Gold Medal to Martin Fleischmann in Castel Santangelo, Rome on October 8th 2009.  Prof. Akito Takahashi has prepared this background information on the medal.


Truffle Prize Winners awarded in Asti, Italy

October     1993    Yan Kucherov (Russia)

October     1995    Akito Takahashi (Japan), Francesco Piantelli (Italy)

November 1997    Franceco Celani (Italy)

October     1999    Melvin Miles (USA)

Giuliano Preparata Medal Winners

March         2004  Yasuhiro Iwamura (Japan), Tadahiko Mizuno (Japan) and Antonella De Ninno (Italy)

November   2004  Peter Hagelstein (USA) at ICCF-11 Marseilles, France.

November   2005  Edmund Storms (USA), Yoshiaki Arata (Japan), Xingzhong Li (China),
                              Michael McKubre (USA) at ICCF-12, Yokohama, Japan.

September  2006   Akira Kitamura (Japan) at Asti, Italy.

June           2007   Alexander Karabut (Russia), Andrei Lipson (Russia) at ICCF13 Sochi, Russia.

October      2007   George Miley (USA) at Catania, Italy.

August        2008   Irving Dardik (USA) at ICCF14 Washington, DC.

August        2012   John Bockris (USA) at ICCF17 Korea.

July             2014   Pamela Boss (USA) at ICCF18 USA.

April            2015   Jean Paul Biberian (FRANCE) at ICCF19 Italy.

October      2016    Jirohta Kasagi (JAPAN) at ICCF20 Japan.

June           2017    Tom Claytor (USA) at 12th Workshop, Costigliole d'Asti, Italy

Choosing the Winners

The truffle prizes were originally awarded by a scientific commission nominated by the sponsors who paid for the awards.  As time went on, this commission was augmented by the prize winners themselves.  In June 2004, a stock of Preparata medals was donated to ISCMNS which administers them through the Awards Committee currently chaired by Dr Edmund Storms.  

The ISCMNS Executive Committee sees the need to make the selection process transparent and is seeking the opinions of the membership.  Feel free to send your proposals to secretary@iscmns.org


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