Call for International Collaboration

European Union Framework Program 7

Prof. Xingzhong Li made a call at the 7th International Workshop at Asti for international collaboration under the European Union's Framework Program 7.  Outline  Under Li's proposal, China would need to find 3 other collaborative partners in 3 different EU countries as well as individual evaluators of the proposal.  Interested parties should contact

In order the evaluate, monitor and advise on proposals, the European Commission is inviting suitably qualified individuals to volunteer as Experts.

It would be unfortunate if valid CMNS proposals were to be turned down as a result of a lack of qualified evaluators. So ISCMNS in its role to promote CMNS, is encouraging researchers in the field, whether members or not, to put themselves forward as potential expert evaluators.  You do NOT need to be an EU citizen for this role. And of course you are paid a reasonable honorarium and any expenses (e.g. travel and subsistence). It appears that the applications from lady scientists will be particularly welcome.

There are 3 different roles for experts and you should specify all or whichever roles you wish.
1. Evaluator Experts
participate in the evaluation of RTD proposals which have been submitted to the commission for funding
2. Review Experts
participate in the review of projects being funded by the commission.
3. Monitor Experts
participate in policy and programme evaluation and monitoring.

Frequently asked questions about FP7

Frequently asked questions about Experts

Register as an Expert here:

When you register as an expert, don't forget to insert "CMNS" as a free style keyword! Similarly if you make a proposal!