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Application for Financial Assistance to attend a Meeting

Paste this page into a word processor, fill in the details, and email to:


Name of meeting


Name of applicant:



  Are you retired?
  Are you a student?

Title of Paper:


  Are you attending any committee meeting (specify)?
  Have you applied for financial assistance for previous similar meetings (dates)?
      If so, were you successful?
  Are you a journalist intending to cover the meeting?
  Are you able to attend without financial assistance?
  Other relevant information.


By making this application, regardless of whether or not I am successful, and whether or not I attend, I undertake to:-

  1. Submit an abstract with this application and the paper(s) / presentation(s)  by the deadline specified by the organizers.
  2. Provide an electronic version of my abstract / paper / presentation for inclusion in DVD-ROM and the ISCMNS website.
  3. Deliver a signed the ISCMNS copyright form.
  4. Respond promptly to any reviewer's comments.

     OR (delete as applicable)

  1. write and publish an article on the meeting.
  2. deliver a copy of the article to ISCMNS and give or procure consent for the article to be used by ISCMNS and the conference organizers and sponsors.

If I am successful, I agree to offer reasonable services at the conference as a session moderator and afterwards as paper reviewer if requested to do so.

I hereby apply for financial assistance to attend the above meeting and request that All / Half (delete as applicable)  the meeting fee be waived.

I am / am not (delete as applicable) prepared to share hotel accommodation.


Notes: Why ISCMNS offers financial assistance

bullet to improve the quality and quantity of the presentations for the benefit of all participants
bullet to encourage early submission of papers and abstracts
bullet to encourage younger researchers to enter and remain in the field
bullet to promote CMNS
bullet to improve participation at relevant committee meetings.

ISCMNS will not normally cover all costs (travel, fees and accommodation).