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Preliminary Financial statement for the
7th International Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen / Deuterium Loaded Metals

23-25 September 2006, “Ristorante Reale”, Piazza Alfieri 5, 14100 Asti, Italy

Workshop Fees paid in advance through PayPal        780
Hotel costs paid in advance through PayPal  1,200
Workshop Fees paid in cash  3,905
Sales (of USB keys and publication)     150
Total Income€6,035
Meals / Coffee Breaks (2,700)
Hotel (other hotel bills of €3855 paid directly by participants)   (905)
Blue Poster Paper     (30)
Conference Hall rental   (304)
Telephone / Fax charges     (50)
Motoring 660 km @0.35 Euros/km   (231)
Cost of Sales (USB keys)   (120)
Colour Laser Printer and Stationery   (400)
Wines   (250)
Hostess for Excursion to Canelli     (50)
Cost of DVD-Rs     (12)
Total Expenses (5,052)
Surplus carried forward to ISCMNS     Euros     €983

Notes:  ISCMNS membership fees of €450 for 2006/2007 were also collected at the workshop.

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