Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the

International Society for Condensed Matter Nuclear Science

  An unincorporated association established according to the laws of England

held Saturday 20th March 2004 at 17:00, Ristorante Reale, Asti

Meeting presided by Hon. Secretary William Collis in the absence of any President.

1)       The Hon. Secretary presented the report of the Interim Executive Committee giving the rationale for the Society and explaining why the Society should reorganize as an limited liability corporation.

2)       Dr. Vittorio Violante proposed that there should be an office of Vice President of the Society.  (This was already in the new Articles of Association, so no action was taken)

3)       Dr. Antonella De Ninno proposed that Dr Antonietta Rizzo should represent young researchers on the Executive Committee.  William Collis replied that the Articles of Association already provided that the Chairmen of sub-committees, such as a possible young researchers sub-committee, could become members of the Executive Committee.   The matter will be discussed by the Executive Committee.

4)       Dr Francesco Celani proposed that as there were only 2 candidates for the office of President, one should become President and the other should become Vice President.  No objections being raised, the motion was carried.

5)       Election of President (Candidates  were Prof. Xing Zhong Li and Prof. Akito Takahashi).  After a show of hands Dr Francesco Celani requested a poll, and polling papers were prepared whilst the 2 presidential candidates presented themselves to the Meeting.  The result of the poll was 18 votes for Akito Takahashi and 16 votes for Xing Zhong Li.   Prof. Akito Takahashi was therefore declared President and Dr. Xing Zhong Li was declared Vice President of the Society.

6)       The old Interim Executive Committee resigned.

7)       The following Members were deemed to have been re-elected without opposition to the new Executive Committee. 

             Jacques Dufour                         Xing Zhong Li
Scott Chubb                              Akito Takahashi
Francesco Celani                      William Collis
 Vittorio Violante

8)       The new Society's constitution, the Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association were signed in front of the Members, over dinner on Sunday 21st March 2004.