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Elections to the ISCMNS Executive Committee 2009

The following retired on 31st December 2009:-

  1. Scott Chubb
  2. Edmund Storms
  3. Lawrence Forsley
  4. Mahedeva Srinivasan                        - re-appointed automatically as ICCF16 chairman
  5. David Nagel

so there were 4 vacancies.

EC Elections 2009

  1. Natalya Famina (Russia)     - elected with 25 votes
  2. Edmund Storms (USA)        - elected with 34 votes
  3. Lawrence Forsley (USA)     - 16 votes
  4. Yasuhiro Iwamura (Japan)  - elected with 33 votes
  5. Tian Jian (China)                  - 22 votes
  6. Paolo Tripodi (Italy)             - elected with 27 votes

The last (Email) elections were held in September 2007.

The following places on the Executive Committee were filled automatically according to the By-Laws.

Chairman of ICCF16   (Mahedeva Drinivasan)
(retires 31/12/2011)
CMNS Editor in Chief (Jean Paul Biberian)

Qualifications of Candidates


Must be a paid up member of the Society


Must be willing to serve


Should be computer literate (as most decisions are made on-line)


Should be reasonably fluent in spoken and written English


Should have sufficient time to dedicate to EC matters


Retiring EC members are eligible

(but President and Chairman cannot take consecutive terms in the same office)

Financial Considerations


    Members of the Executive Committee are not normally paid!


    They must disclose any potential conflicts of interest


    They may be reimbursed expenses wholly incurred on behalf of ISCMNS

Other Vacancies not on Executive Committee (Apply to nominations@iscmns.org)


    Webmaster - to help maintain this site


    Membership Secretary

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