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Financial Statement on dissolution of the
old Interim Association June 2004

Surplus brought forward from 5th Asti Workshop 2004     655
Anonymous donation from 1999 (note 2)  2,000
Proceeds from sale of Asti 97 Conference Proceedings       60
Cash subscriptions to the Society (40 x 30)  1,200
Total Income 3,915
Incorporation Costs     200
ICCF11 Subsidy (note 3)  2,000
Society Seal       50
Web-site       24
Total Expenditure 2,274
Net cash Assets carried forward to new incorporated Society   1,641



1) The Society has inherited from the 5th Asti Workshop other non-cash assets such as stationery, computer supplies, and medals.  These assets have negligible resale value and are not included in the accounts.

2) The anonymous donation was originally intended for publication of the 4th Asti Workshop proceedings in 1999.  As this publication did not materialize, with the consent of the sponsor the money was given to ISCMNS who in turn advanced it to ICCF11.

3) After ICCF11 part of the above subsidy, namely 860 was returned. This sum was applied to settling debts for the colour laser printer, plastic laminator, and other office supplies.

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