The International Society for Condensed Matter Nuclear Science

Declaration of interests form

I ……………………………………
as a staff or committee member of the International Society for Condensed Matter Nuclear Science have set out below my interests in accordance with the organisation’s conflicts of interest policy.


Please give details of the interest and whether it applies to yourself or, where appropriate, a member of your immediate family or some other close personal connection

Current employment and any previous employment in which you continue to have a financial interest.


Appointments (voluntary or otherwise) eg trusteeships, directorships, committees




Membership of any professional bodies, special interest groups or similar organisations.


Investments in unlisted companies, partnerships and other forms of business, major shareholdings (5% of issued capital) and beneficial interests.


Gifts or hospitality offered to you by external bodies and whether this was declined or accepted in the last twelve months.


Any contractual relationship with the Society




Any other conflicts not covered above.



To the best of my knowledge, the above information is complete and correct. I undertake to update as necessary the information provided, and to review the accuracy of the information on an annual basis. I give my consent for it to be used for the purposes described in the conflicts of interest policy and for no other purpose.  I also agree to abide by the ISCMNS Code of Conduct for Committee Members





The International Society for Condensed Matter Nuclear Science

Conflicts of Interest Policy

This document is based on the model Policy set out in ICSA Guidance Note 021208.

This policy applies to all ISCMNS staff including members of the Executive Committee and sub-committees.

Why we have a policy

Staff have a legal obligation to act in the best interests of the Society in accordance with its governing documents. Conflicts of interest may arise where an individual’s personal interests or loyalties conflict with those of the Society.  Such conflicts may create problems; they can



The aim of this document is to protect both the organization and the individuals concerned from any appearance of impropriety.

Declaration of Interests

Accordingly we ask all officers and staff to declare their interests, and any gifts or hospitality received in connection with their role in the Society.


To be effective, this declaration should be made:-



If you are unsure what to declare, or whether / when your declaration needs updating, err on the side of caution.  If you wish to discuss this issue please contact the Society for guidance.  See also


 The Register of Interests will only be available to members of the Executive Committee and as applicable, the appropriate sub-committee.  However this policy document will be accessible to all members of the Society.

What to do if you face a conflict of interests

If you are a beneficiary directly or indirectly of the Society’s services you should not be a party to the decisions regarding those services.    You should declare your interest at the earliest opportunity and withdraw from subsequent discussion.  The same applies if there is a conflict for any other reason.  For example if there is a  proposal for a joint initiative with another organization, then any committee members who have close ties to that organization, such as employees, collaborators, stock holders must withdraw from discussion and voting on that proposal.


If you fail to declare a conflict of interests which is known, then any Executive Committee member may enter the declaration in the Register.


Decisions taken when there is a conflict of Interest

 In the event of a committee having to make a decision in which there is a conflict of interests, the interested parties shall not vote nor be counted in any quorum.  Interested parties may not manage any activity in which they have a conflict of interest.


All decisions under conflict of interests shall be recorded as such in the committee meeting minutes as follows:-


De minimis Exemption

It shall not be necessary to declare interest in contract(s) which total 300 Euros or less in any calendar year.


You may participate in discussions where the benefit applies to the public or to all members of the Society, or where your benefit is minimal.  For example, it is not necessary to declare an interest in attending a meeting of the Society.